We Love America

As native born Americans, we often forget to recognize the benefits and freedoms that we have living in the United States. There are places on Earth that are nice to visit, but not so lovely for living conditions. And then there is the great land of the United States. Not only is it a great place to visit, but it is the best place in the world to live. This is a reminder of some reasons why we love America.

America offers residents the freedom to choose what they see, hear, or experience. People are free to experiment and investigate any issue that is important to them. Protected under the Bill of Rights, residents are able to:

  • Voice opinions
  • Hold rallies
  • Support individual causes
  • Protest individual causes
  • The right to fair judicial trials

Many other countries will not allow such demonstrations of will, independence, and opinions. This is perhaps the most important reason why we love America.

For those who are willing to put in the time and effort, they can see their dreams come true. Regardless of a person's race, age, or sexual orientation, everyone has the same right to attempt to build a better future. Some of the opportunities may include:

  • Starting a business
  • Going to school
  • Gaining employment
  • Religious freedom

These opportunities and more await any driven individual living in the United States. Being given the opportunity to be successful is one reason why we love America.

Although the United States is divided into separate state jurisdictions, the sense of community is not lost across the nation. In every town or city, there are heritage oriented groups and organizations that allow people of the same background or race to gather and celebrate their unique traditions. This can only happen in a land where they are free from the fear of punishment for their actions. This is another reason why we love America.

Civil Rest
The population of the United States is able to rest easy at night knowing that we have trained and credible law officers and officials who are on duty keeping the population safe. These governed agencies are in place to help the community. In other countries, the police often carry out procedures and actions that are unjust, cruel, and unfair. This definitely is a reason why we love America.

There is no doubt that Americans love the United States. Majestic flags of red, white, and blue fly in the yards of homes and businesses across the country. America is the melting pot of people, dreams, and goals brought together by the allowance of freedom, opportunity, community, and civil obedience. For all of these reasons and more, WE LOVE AMERICA!