Denver debate Obama smirk

I haven’t heard anyone talk about this yet, but wasn’t it more than a little odd that while talking about taxes during the debate last night, Obama made a case for trickle-down economics?

“And by giving [middle-class families] those tax cuts, they had a little more money in their pocket and so maybe they can buy a new car. They are certainly in a better position to weather the extraordinary recession that we went through. They can buy a computer for their kid who’s going off to college, which means they’re spending more money, businesses have more customers, businesses make more profits and then hire more workers.”

Following the President’s own argument; if business owners get tax cuts, they have a little more money in their pocket and maybe they can buy a new car. Or buy new equipment for the company. Or hire more workers because that extra money will pay for their benefits. Redistributionist tax policies are anathema to economic growth. Which explains why we’ve had FOUR YEARS of failure from Obama!