Today, the Obama administration released a seven-minute campaign video making their case for the President’s reelection, glossing over the ongoing malaise of the Obama economy and overlooking the tyranny emanating from the Obama White House.

This isn’t exactly progress, as measured by most Americans. Not. Better. Off.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claims that the administration’s new campaign slogan “Forward” was taken from MSNBC’s slogan, “Lean Forward.”

Scarborough’s claim is ludicrous.

Both MSNBC and President Obama are simply borrowing a tried-and-true buzzword from Communist propaganda posters.

Communism moving “forward,” circa 1920

“Under the leadership of the great Stalin - forward to Communism!” (1951)

Communist pamphlet from Britain, circa 1970

The “Great Leap Forward” campaign of the Communist Party of China resulted in 30-45 million deaths.

China Mao Great Leap Forward

“Let's march forward under the banner of Mao Zedong!” (1950s)

Follow Mao closely forward through the wind and the waves

“Follow Mao closely forward through the storm.”

“Chairman Mao leads us forward”

Modern communists still use “forward” to describe Marxism


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” ~George Santayana


UPDATE: Francesca Chambers does a fine job deconstructing several of the dishonest claims made by the Obama administration’s video.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrisseyoffers a critique of Obama’s new video, particularly noting the irony between the campaign slogan and where the administrations focuses their attention for most of the video:

It takes over three minutes looking backward, including the first minute of what took place before Obama took office.  After a brief shot at Republicans who “tried to tear this President down” — by, er, opposing his policies, which didn’t seem to bother Democrats while George W. Bush was in office — we get a couple of minutes of ball-spiking over the deaths of Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki.  When does the video get to the “Forward” part?  Er … when there are 50 seconds left in the video, and even then, it doesn’t offer any specific policy goals — just platitudes:

Ed also points out Obama’s dishonest swipe at the Tea Party movement:

You have to love the attack on the Tea Party, too.  The entire point of the Tea Party was that the policies of the Obama administration — and some of the Bush administration’s too — was pushing America in the wrong direction, not that “our best days are behind us.”

Instapundit highlights the additional irony in Obama’s choice to ride the coattails of Bill Clinton:

Of course, any commercial where Bill Clinton is talking about honor and integrity is automatically a joke.

Mitt Romney’s campaign released a video of their own today, called “Broken Promises.” And it didn’t take seven minutes to point out three years of Obama’s incompetence:

President Obama’s budget projects that the deficit for the current year will total $1.33 trillion, the fourth straight year of deficits over $1 trillion. Under President Obama, the nation’s total public debt has reached a record $15.6 trillion.

RELATED: In response to Obama’s other campaign video, “The Road We Traveled,” Bill Whittle and Andrew Klavan raise some inconvenient facts in a cross between  Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Pop-Up Video, entitled “The Road We Really Traveled.” (h/t: Michelle Malkin)

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  2. Sam says:

    Everything with Obama is carefully calculated for political gain. This trip to Afghanistan was not scheduled by happenstance. It’s politics as show business and if you think naught you’re hopelessly naive. He has little else to stand on so he has to trumpet what little he has.
    Anyone But Obama in 2012. literally anyone.

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