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Herman Cain a.k.a. “The Hermanator”

Herman Cain a.k.a. “The Hermanator”

After watching Herman Cain “win” the GOP debate in South Carolina last week, I’ve been doing a little research into the Republican Party’s newest up-and-comer. The Atlantic has published an excellent bio which highlights Mr. Cain’s first foray into politics — a 1994 smackdown of Bill Clinton’s healthcare plan:

His entrance into national politics was a fluke—albeit, if he runs, an enormously beneficial one. In 1994, Cain, then still CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, participated in a town-hall meeting that Bill Clinton held to drum up support for his flagging health-care plan. He challenged the president’s claim that restaurateurs would bear only a marginal new cost. Clinton objected, but Cain wouldn’t relent. “I’d had my financial people run the numbers,” he told me. The Wall Street Journal published them, and after Clinton’s plan collapsed, Newsweek identified Cain as one of its “saboteurs”—a badge of honor, especially among conservatives today.

National Review Online aptly describes the exchange:

In 1994, Cain was chairman and chief executive officer of Godfather’s Pizza, an Omaha-based chain. Pres. Bill Clinton was peddling his health-care plan at town halls. At one televised session, Cain calmly argued with the president about the cost to restaurateurs. “Mr. President,” he said, “with all due respect, your calculation on what the impact would do, quite honestly, is incorrect.”

Clinton, after a long day of softballs, was rattled. Cain, a black, southern business leader who could out-folksy Clinton, had fingered the central flaw in the administration’s proposal: the potential for increased insurance costs to eliminate jobs.

It was more than a splash of cold water; it was a punch to the gut of Hillarycare. The reaction to Cain’s critique was immediate. The exchange was featured on the CBS Evening News and ABC’s World News Tonight. Major newspapers, including the New York Times, highlighted the moment as a thorn in Clinton’s side.

Herman Cain’s factual (and teleprompter-free) refutation of President Clinton’s snake oil helped kill HillaryCare. Now America needs him to kill ObamaCare!

The more I look into this gentleman’s background and accomplishments, the more I’m liking him.

Cain was born to working-class parents in Georgia and earned a degree in mathematics from Morehouse College, then a master’s in computer science from Purdue. He got a job doing work for the Navy on fire-control systems for ships and fighter planes, but gravitated to business—Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, and Burger King—and eventually became CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, which he ran for 10 years.
Cain is a born talker, with a rich baritone that sounds uncannily like the actor Samuel L. Jackson. He’s also a showman, and utterly uninhibited. Recently, he survived Stage 4 cancer, and claims he wouldn’t have under Obamacare. Although often outrageous, he has a shrewd sense of his appeal.

“The Hermanator” most definitely has a gift for communication. At CPAC 2011 back in February, Cain made a blunt assessment of the Obama administration and Democrats in Congress: “stupid people are ruining America.” Check out his speech below, it’s 28 minutes long but worth every second:


Some people (including some within the GOP) are wondering whether Cain is electable since he hasn’t held elected office before. Given his success as a leader and a chief executive, I’m not at all concerned. I’m quite confident that his experience in restoring failing companies and running them successfully would translate very well to the role of our nation’s chief executive. Besides, there’s a saying: “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” And clearly, what we’re getting from politicians has been progressively craptacular. It’s time for some real change from a proven leader with real-world accomplishments.

“I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t held public office before. Most of the people that are in elected office in Washington DC, they have held public office before. How’s that workin’ for you? We have a mess. How about sending a problem-solver to the White House?”

We don’t need more of the same from Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin or Ron Paul. In my opinion, they’re all too damaged as candidates to gain enough votes to win. Herman Cain is a solid conservative and is by far the best candidate for 2012. Republicans need to rally behind him, support him financially, and make him the nominee. With enough fundraising, he could easily upset the Obama house of cards. Even better, we should draft Allen West for veep to balance Cain’s business savvy with military expertise and make 2012 a slam dunk for the GOP!

In summary, here’s the short list of Cain’s accomplishments:

Radio Talk Show Host, “The Herman Cain Show”, News Talk 750 WSB – Atlanta, Monday – Friday, 7pm-10pm EST

FOX News Business Commentator and Columnist with World Net Daily

Chief Executive Officer and President of THE New Voice, Inc., a business consulting company, and Head Coach of HITM

At a nationally televised Presidential Town Hall Meeting on Health Care Reform (1994), challenged President Bill Clinton’s health care proposal when he said, “Mr. President, with all due respect, your calculations are incorrect…”

Former Chairman of Godfather’s Pizza, Inc. after serving as CEO and President for ten years, 1986 – 1996. In 1988 he bought the company from The Pillsbury Company

Past Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Former Chairman and President of the Tax Leadership Council, the public educational component of Americans for Fair Taxation

Past Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant Association (1994-1995), and former full time CEO and President of the Association (1996-1999)

Member of The National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (1995), chaired by former Republican Vice-presidential candidate, Jack Kemp

Serves on the Boards of Directors of AGCO, Inc., Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Hallmark Cards Inc., Whirlpool, Inc., and Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia

Recipient of eight Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Morehouse College, New York City Technical College; Suffolk University, Johnson & Wales University, Creighton University, Purdue University, Tougaloo College and the University of Nebraska

Recipient of a 1996 Horatio Alger Award and the 1991 International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s Operator of the Year/Gold Plate Award

Graduated from Morehouse College with a B.S. in Mathematics in 1967. Earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 1971

Author of four books, Leadership Is Common Sense (1997), Speak As A Leader (1999), CEO of SELF (October, 2001), and They Think You’re Stupid (May, 2005)

A native and current resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Married for over 40 years with two adult children and three grandchildren

If your interest in Herman Cain has been piqued as mine has, be sure to check out the entire 7-page article in NRO. It’s quite substantial. Much like Mr. Cain himself.

  1. Anna says:

    I thought Cain looked good at first. He used to work for the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private banking cartel. Half of the banks are foreign banks and we pay them interest to print our money. They also control the money supply which creates our bubbles and busts. The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and evil. The bankers and multinational corps are working for the destruction of our country.

    Watch “The Money Masters” the whole thing is on utube. It is essential to understand the role of bankers and multinational corps in the drive for the “new world order”/one world government.

    there are a LOT of wolves in sheeps clothing. Anyone connected to CFR is a traitor working for the destruction of our country and the creation of the North American Union. (Regionalism as the path to global gov) Newt is a globalist.

    Geithner’s latest is to raid Federal workers pensions to fund deficit spending. Not to worry the Gov will guarantee you will get your money back…kinda like SS. They saw all that money and had to spend it. The gov is already broke and not in a position to guarantee anything. BTW talk is already abroad to use state pensions and even PRIVATE pensions. Already done in Argentina.

    Bush was the last time I’m getting sucker punched. America is in deep weeds. All the top tier were globalist stooges last time around. I don’t expect anything different this time.

    listen to Joel skousen, good insight into the primary process. I like his comments about Team A and Team B.

    “The chief problem of American political life for a long time has been how to make the two congressional parties more national and international. The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead the two parties should be almost identical, so the that American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”
    - Carroll Quigley, member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), mentor to Bill Clinton, quote from Tragedy and Hope, 1966

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good post. I agree wholeheartedly. Cain is a breath of fresh air. He has been on my radar for the last year. I posted an essay on him some months ago.

    The fact that he is not a politician is a plus in my book. As POTUS he would collect the best and the brightest to advise him. Not the party hacks that we have in DC.

    Cain getting the nomination is long shot since he is a virtual unknown. If nothing else he can help steer the conversation. Our media picks our candidates via the American idol mentality that we have in this country. The campaign of 2008 was proof of that.

    I remain optimistic that Americans have woken up due to the 2010 off-year elections. The question is will the awake voters get drowned out by the same clowns that voted for the empty promise of hope & change again?

    I’d love to see a man like herman cain in the WH. America deserves someone like him there.

    • My only reservation with Cain so far has been his stance on the Patriot Act. When it was first passed, it seemed like a necessary reaction to Islamic terrorism. But in the years since, it’s seemed to me that several aspects of it continue an infraction on constitutional liberty, and need to be reworked to protect American citizens from governmental overreach (for instance: under Patriot Act jurisprudence, the Supreme Court of Indiana recently decided that the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not apply to the citizens of Indiana — therefore, citizens have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes). I seriously hope Cain will take a closer look at the Patriot Act and reconsider his position.